Signs a girl is dangerously obsessed with you

Girls who are dangerously obsessed with their male friends tend to exhibit certain behaviours that can be easily identified. If you’re noticing these signs from a female friend or acquaintance, know that something is wrong.

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You might think these behaviours are just part of being in love, but some actions are just too much, such as: 

She Asks You To Hang Out All The Time

She constantly tries to spend time with you even though you’re not interested in her. She might ask to hang out or just show up at your house unannounced. If she sees an opportunity to be around you, even if it’s inconvenient, she’ll take it.

This is especially true if she doesn’t get the hint that her presence isn’t welcome. Worse yet, when she does get the hint but ignores it anyway. If someone keeps coming back no matter how often they’re told not to, they’re either persistent or even rude.

Midsection of unrecognizable young woman in panties.

She Follows You Around Everywhere

She’s always around you, and she doesn’t seem to have a life of her own. She wants to know where you are and what you’re doing at all times. If a girl is being overly clingy and obsessed with you, it’s probably because she has some serious issues that need addressing before they get out of han

If this is happening often enough, it can be seen as an indicator that this person may not be healthy for us, they might even be dangerous because you are stalked. 

She Asks Too Many Questions 

She asks questions about your past relationships or even current ones. She asks about future plans and what your relationship is like, even though she’s just a friend.

If the girl you’re talking to is asking you questions like this, it could be because she wants to know if she stands a chance with you. If a woman finds herself obsessing over someone who doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, it can make her feel rejected and unwanted. 

That can lead her down an unhealthy path where she’ll try anything possible just so that you will notice her as someone who wants to be more than just friends.

She Gets Jealous And Has No Right To Be 

If she gets jealous when other girls are around you, that’s not a good thing. She may think that if you’re interested in someone else, then there must be something wrong with her.  In reality, it’s just the opposite, as it means she has failed to make herself interesting enough for you to want to date her. 

In Conclusion

If a girl obsesses over a guy, it’s probably not good. She may be trying to create an idealised version of herself that she thinks you’ll like better than who she really is. But if she’s just trying to get your attention,it’s probably because she likes you a lot, so ask her out on a date.